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We know quitting isn’t easy. Emotionally, physically, it can be a roller coaster.


You may have even tried to quit before, and that’s why we're here—to help you succeed. We’ve combed through our years of research on what happens to people who attempt to quit —physiologically,
mentally and emotionally, to develop a meaningful program that can help support you as you quit smoking.


What you can expect:

Ongoing guidance emails for the duration of your program (8, 10, or 12 weeks),* with more emails the first week when you need the most support. 


Practical tips and inspiration geared to help you understand your triggers, avoid situations that trigger cravings, and better manage time and stress. 


Physiological insights into exactly how your body is responding to the different stages of your Quit to help inspire you to stay with it.


Coupons and milestone rewards from popular online retailers.


*The length of the program is determined by the product type.

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