Quit Smoking Tips


When you’re quitting smoking, it can help to get tips and advice from those who have been there before you.

Although the quitting experience is different for everyone, there are common factors we all face: tough moments, times of discouragement and questions about our ability to succeed. This section will help you prepare for some of those challenges and give you a place to return to for support.

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What Inspires You?

In the same way that every quit is different, every motivation to quit is unique. That’s why we created the Inspiration List and filled this site with different forms of inspiring content. From success stories that show you how others have done it before, to tips and advice from doctors and former smokers, to ideas for how you can handle your challenges, you can choose the items that mean the most to you and return to them when you need a boost of encouragement.


Reasons for Quitting

The best reason for quitting smoking is — yours! Whether you want to quit for yourself or a loved one, for now or the future, to participate in a new activity or just feel part of a current one, the reason you decided to quit in the first place can be your strongest motivator. Write it down. Make it the wallpaper on your computer or phone. Make it your mantra. Then, use the stop smoking tips and success stories in this section to reinforce the great decision you made.

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