Quit Smoking Tips: What to Say to Others When Quitting

Ever have a conversation in which you came up with the best response ever, but only after it was too late? Trust us, you are not alone.

During your quit, different types of people will offer you different opinions that you might see as unhelpful. For such moments, here are some useful pre-written responses to keep in your back pocket.

Conversation with a Doubter

- Has seen people quit before only to start back up again

- Is doubtful you will be successful at quitting smoking


What to say:

  • You’re right. I’ve been here before. Cigarettes have been a huge part of my life, but I’m ready to try again.  
  • I’ve tried cold turkey, and it hasn’t worked. This time I’m not doing it alone.
  • I’ve read that getting support from those around you can really increase a person’s chances of staying quit. It would mean a lot if you were on my side. 

Conversation with Over-Encourager

- Is excited that you’re quitting and wants to be supportive

- Checks in with you constantly on your progress, making you anxious 


What to say:

  • When I last tried quitting smoking, I slipped up a couple times 
  • This time, I don’t want to beat myself up if I do cave in, so I’d rather not talk about it, and move on. 
  • I appreciate how you’re so supportive of me quitting smoking. It would be great if you could check in with me once a week to see how I’m doing.

Conversation with a Smoking

- Is a little upset with your choice to quit smoking

- Makes you feel bad for missing out on smoke breaks


What to say:

  • I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’ve even written down my reasons. 
  • Even though smoking is something I loved doing with you, I can’t do it anymore. 
  • Why don’t you think about quitting with me? Doing it together could help us both stay away from cigarettes.

Conversation with an Enabler

- Is a casual smoker that doesn’t think smoking is that bad

- Encourages you to do things that might deter your quit attempt


Helpful facts for your response:

  • For you, smoking might not seem like a big deal. But the fact is, I can’t stop. And I really don’t like that feeling.  
  • Smoking socially is different for you and me. When I leave the bar, I keep smoking. 
  • Give me a couple weeks to learn how to enjoy having a drink without a cigarette. After that, I’m all yours.