Reasons to Quit Smoking: All About Fresh Starts

In a series called What’s Your Why, we asked people in all stages of their quit-smoking journey to tell us their “Why” for quitting. Many of these touching stories shared the theme of starting fresh. So in the spirit of the new year, we picked a few of our favorites that talk about new beginnings. Check out the stories then think about your own “Why,” and what a smoke-free 2016 would look like for you.

I am just 46 and my health has gotten the best of me the last couple of years. I am a full-time grandmother of three beautiful little girls, and find that playtime is too much for me most of the time. They deserve better, I deserve better. Time for my fresh start.


I am a full-time gramother..^

Quitting Smoking

Every woman in my family has died before age 42 in the last four generations due to smoking. No one has gone to college or done anything significant to leave their legacy behind. I want a new start for me, and future generations. 

- Juliana             

I want a new start for me.^

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Every day I wake up, and it is the same routine: grab a smoke and head outside. I want to work on a new, healthier me this year. I know I can do it.



I want to work on a new, healthier me.^

Help Someone Else Quit Smoking

My “Why” is my 10 year old daughter. She sees those anti-smoking commercials where the people can barely talk. She says, ‘Mommy, I don’t like how these people sound. You need to quit!’ So that is my New Year’s resolution: to quit smoking for my baby girl.   


My "Why" is my 10-year-old daughter...^

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Help Someone Else Quit Smoking

We had family reunion for my dad’s 80th, in the time we were apart, he was diagnosed with COPD. I remember him active, always fixing things. But when I saw him, stopping every 10 steps, I knew this would be me in 30 years. It was time to start over.   

- Mary            

It was time to start over...^

I am quitting so I can be healthy for myself and my family. I am also quitting so I can successfully transition into my dream job as a sonographer, which will require furthering my education—also a dream of mine. Quitting smoking is the first step into my new life.

- Misty             

It's the first step into my new life...^

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