Resources to Help You Prepare for Your Quit

When it comes to quitting smoking, you have options. We’ll help you find the most appropriate method and understand the importance of seeking support.

How do I quit smoking?

No two paths are the same for quitting. But a lot of research and data suggest that doing certain things can lead to a higher rate of success.

Quitting cold turkey

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Quit smoking checklist

Getting ready to quit smoking can be overwhelming—that’s why… Read more

What should I expect in my first week of quitting?

The first week is tough, but that’s why it’s important to be prepared and have a solid quit plan before you begin.

Which nicotine replacement product is right for you?

Even though you’ve decided to quit smoking, finding the right product to manage cravings…Read more

Find quit smoking support

Sometimes the decision to quit smoking is as much a family decision as a personal one… Read more