Find Reasons On Why You Should Quit Smoking

To celebrate the many commitments to quitting smoking, here are some of our favorite stories supporting What’s Your Why?™ Read on to see why others quit, and share your own reason here.

I started teaching yoga earlier this year and smoking doesn’t fit the lifestyle. If I am going to be a good health role model, smoking cannot be part of the equation.

                                                                                                                                                     -      Lateesha G., Age 38

        I started teaching yoga earlier this year.^

Quitting Smoking

I will be turning 50 in 2015, I want to become healthy. I don't like the way my car/home smells anymore and I would like to be around to enjoy my life. The money I could save I could use it to take a vacation to see my family. 

                                                             -  Lyndsai J., Age 49  

           I will be turning 60 in 2016 ...^

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My why is that my 7 year old son spent 7 days before Christmas in the children's ward…due to a super bad asthma attack. His asthma was aggravated by my wife and I smoking. I owe it to my family to live a happy, healthy and smoke free life!.                                                                                                            -  Steven Age 48

 I owe it to my family to live a happy...          ^

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 I want to be healthy enough to go hiking again without any breathing issues!.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -     Hanna W., Age 21

     I  want to be enough to go hiking again...          ^

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I did it for my grandchildren. I didn't want their memory of my scent to be that of an ashtray. I no longer have to worry about who I'm with, who is driving, is there a smoking area? Where is that smoking area? How many cigarettes do I have? Do I need to go out and get a pack for morning? Everything about me and my life is my 'Why'.     

                                                                        - Lisa, Age 52

 I did for my grandchildren ...          ^

Help Someone Else Quit Smoking

 “I have my future ahead of me. Simple.”



                                                             -     Adam H., Age 21 

        I  have my future ahead of me. Simple..               ^       

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