Quit Smoking Tips: What's Your Craving Character?

An important step to getting past cravings is understanding the reason behind them. This four-question quiz can help provide insights into your cravings.


You may be a Physiological smoker. Your body is used to having nicotine. That’s why you crave it. It will take some time to adjust. In the beginning you may feel uneasy. You may experience symptoms such as increased appetite, problems sleeping and difficulty concentrating. Be patient. In time, these feelings should taper off as your quit gathers momentum.


You may be a Habitual smoker. Smoking marks moments in your day. You look forward to that morning cigarette, the mid-day smoke break or after-dinner light up. Replacing your smoking habits with new healthy ones can help you past these cravings. Instead of lighting up when you wake, drink a glass of water. Replace the afternoon smoke with a run up and down the office stairwell. After dinner, try three minutes of deep breathing. Making these small changes will have a big impact on your life.


You may be a Social smoker. Smoking is an extension of your social life. It’s something you do at bars and parties with others. Instead of lighting up with friends, make a plan to go for a power walk or catch up over coffee. You might even want to take a short break from your smoking cronies. When you reconnect with them, they’ll be inspired by your new smoke-free status.


You may be a mix of craving characters. On the physical level, your body craves nicotine – so when you quit, your body will be uncomfortable at first. There’s a part of you that likes the ritual of smoking, perhaps after a meal or first thing in the morning. And when you go out with friends, you feel the urge to light up. To quit, you will need a well-balanced approach that addresses the physical and emotional aspects of smoking.

1. When do you miss cigarettes the most?

2. How do your cravings make you feel?

3. If your cravings were a sound, what would they be like?

4.  How many cigarettes on average do you smoke a day?