Public or Private: How Do You Quit Smoking

Getting the right support can make or break your quit, and just as there are different types of smokers, there are many different ways to quit. Some people prefer to go public with their quit, while others view smoking cessation as a personal journey. No matter your preference, we’ll give you some ideas to put you on the path to success.

The public quitter

The private quitter

Share, tweet or post your quit

Social media allows you to connect with fellow smokers who are also in the process of quitting. This can give you an extra boost of support when you need it most, and can be a great source for quit tips and advice.

Tune into YouTube, the channel for quitters

You’ll find loads of videos on fellow quitters’ attempts and experiences. Hearing firsthand from like-minded folks can be helpful and inspiring. Plus, you may even find yourself wanting to upload your own video to bring your quit story to life.

Blog your quit

Creating a public blog is a convenient way to track your progress, get support and even inspire others. A blog can be as personal as you like, since you have 100% control of the content.

Write your way to quitting

Journaling is a handy way to work through the emotions associated with quitting. Whether you choose to use a notebook or an app, both offer a convenient outlet for identifying tough times and roadblocks. Writing down your feelings helps you remain committed to your quit. Page one is a good place to make a list of the reasons why you’re quitting.


Hear ex-smoker Kelli talk about personal journaling.

Get a quit buddy

Identify a friend or family member you can confide in. Arrange to meet with your quit buddy regularly and keep in touch through texting. Talking through your emotions and barriers can help you get through some strong cravings and stressful times. Knowing there’s someone there to support you and listen can be very inspiring.

Unload online

Many online forums allow quitters to post anonymously. When you find yourself in the midst of a strong craving, it’s easy to jump on the computer and unload your feelings. You can also see how others are feeling and dealing.