Resources to Help You Start Quitting Smoking

As you kick off your quit, get essential information on dealing with withdrawal symptoms and take comfort in knowing you have a breadth of resources to turn to for help at any time.

What should I expect in my first week of quitting?

The first week is tough, but that’s why it’s important to be prepared and have a solid quit plan before you begin.

Starting nicotine replacement

Begin using Nicorette® or NicoDerm® CQ® on… Read more

How do I cope with cravings?

Cravings will come, but they will also go. So it’s important to remember…

Quit smoking resources

When you need extra support, reach out to an expert for quit… Read more

What is nicotine withdrawal?

There’s no getting around the fact that you’re likely to experience nicotine…

What should I expect in my second week of quitting?

The thing to keep an eye out for during the second week is triggers, because that’s where your cravings may come from.

Manage your weight while quitting smoking

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How to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

There’s no getting around the fact that you’re going to experience nicotine withdrawal. It’s just what… Read more

Quit smoking statistics

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